“To make high-quality multimedia products while maintaining a positive, flexible, and collaborative environment of creativity.”


The name “Kranky Plate” was chosen for multiple reasons.
The first feature-length film I did in college featured my grandfather creating a character. He surprised me by drawing a face with huge eyebrows on a paper plate, and doing a funny voice. At the time, I had no idea what I wanted to name my production company, so I settled on Kranky Plate.
Years later, I decided to create a studio for real, and was having a difficult time coming up with a name. As I was reliving my past experiences, I realized that Kranky Plate would work, in honor in my late grandfather (who loaned me the money for my first video camera), as well as a testament to the passion and love I have for the process.


Kipp Reynolds – Owner / Executive Producer

Kipp has known what he wanted to do from the wee age of 11. As soon as he could pick up a camera, he was telling stories. Entertaining his friends and family became commonplace.
Since then, Kipp has made 2 full-length feature films, multiple corporate bios, training videos, produced on-demand videos, represented Fortune 500 companies, and created multiple original works. He has a passion for staying true to the story and objective, leveraging every nuance of film to achieve desired results.
For more information on Kipp, you can visit his LinkedIn page here, and watch brief highlights from his career below.

Sheridan A. Smith – Producer / Cinematographer

Sheridan has been involved in storytelling for most of his life. His parents had him backstage during plays and musicals, and he started working his first show at 10.
Growing up he learned music, photography, videography, drawing, painting, and writing. Recently he produced the feature length documentary Recover Jamestown about the drug epidemic in Jamestown, NY. Civic minded, he works towards telling the stories of others to help uplift the whole community.
You can view a sample of his excellent work by playing the video below.

He also is producing an ongoing blog!