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Chances are, you already know the benefits of video for your business. If not, you should read this first.
In order to make you more money, the true key to leveraging video is to identify target areas of improvement. We at Kranky Plate are skilled at discussing you. We follow your goals, and align with you on possible solutions. We don't try to sell you something you don't need.

 Below are a few examples of what video products we offer, and how they could be relevant to you.

  • TRAINING VIDEOS - Improve efficiency at the training level to get employees acclimated quicker. Boring and/or outdated training videos will decrease attention and retention rates, and increase the back-end duplication of information. Make your points quicker, more efficiently, and increase brand confidence by creating some cutting edge, contemporary training materials.
  • LANDING PAGE / BUSINESS PROFILE if your homepage doesn't have a video, you are already behind the ball. WAIT, DON'T PANIC THOUGH! We create premium quality brand outlines, taking an honest approach at what makes your company tick. What awesome things have you done recently? What do you want people's perception of you to be? Win their trust and gain buying confidence by producing a finished, high-quality video. (This will also increase SEO, as Google metrics use video to validate search results.)
  • COMMERCIALGrab your key demographics attention by creating a clean, contemporary ad that represents your brand to the fullest while offering the client some value.
  • PROMOTIONALLeverage your special event(s) to the maximum by building a video surrounding it. Make people feel like they want to be there for the grand unveiling, the sale, the opening or closing night. Promote your business in a way that says honest value.
  • EVENTSRecord professional video of your event. This can be used for promotion, reselling, training, etc. Video is so versatile and important that every piece can become an asset.
  • PUBLIC OUTREACH - Take your in-house photos and videos to the next level. Most of us have cell phones or some way to take photos and videos, and the best way to use those is to make some branded public relations materials. With your company's logo right up front, employees or potential customers will see a professional presentation in a completely honest and authentic light.
  • PRESENTATIONImpress your audience with high-quality relevant video material produced especially for them. Win their attention and gain the confidence that they will leave with the information you intended.

The bottom line: give us your objective, and you will leave with a solution.

We'd love to talk to you! Let's make something you like.